1963 – St. Birinus Hall

1963 – Photographed at St Birinus Hall. The uniforms were new and I guess this was the proud picture that all bands have done when they get a new uniform.

Back Row: L-R Norman Street, Andy Street, Charlie Warner, Jack Snook, Eric Spreadbury, Arthur Bligh, Charlie Butler, Basil Shelley, Jeff Bailey.

2nd row from back: Dave Dyer, Ron Bligh, Ian Wright, Jack Simms, Jack Green, Joe Green, Bernard Parker, David Shelley.

2nd row from front: Keith Green, Graham Shelley, Fred Barter, Roger Crease, Roger Gainer, Len Beauchamp.

Front row: Muriel Street, Shirley Beauchamp, Auntie Nora Shelley, Cliff Kingshott MD, Mrs. Gwen Green, Wilfy Green, Shirley Parker, Seated is Alan Green.