1967 – West of England Champions

8 October 1967 – This is the band six days before the National Finals when they played Eric Ball’s test piece, “Journey into Freedom”. During the time between winning the Regional and competing in the Finals, the band made a little piece of history when it was featured in an Omnibus TV documentary about the pros & cons of competing in the London Finals. A rather grainy video cassette is still viewed by the band on nostalgic occasions!

Left to right: Back Row Cornets: Keith Green, Dave Dyer, Dave Dommitt, Alan Rodger & Dave Morris. Front Row: Denis Chalk, Howard Wright-Green, Don Marlow, Dave Bligh & Ron Bligh. Horns: Graham Shelley, Jack Simms, Norman Street & S. Smith. Right to left: Euphs & Baris: Wally Tate, Tony Hinder, John Tate & Fred Barter. Troms: Dave Shelley, Basil Shelley & Dave Tanner. Basses: Andy Street, Len Beachaump, Eric Spreadbury & Roger Crease. Percussion, left to right: Arthur Bligh & Keith Bartlett. The band was conducted by Courtney Bosanko.