2014 – National Finals

11 October 2014 – The band have just played the test piece The Legend of King Arthur by Peter Meechan at the Royal Albert Hall. Conducted by Ray Farr, the band were placed 11th out of 20 bands. (c) Ian Clowes

Cornets: Jan Boler, Ivan Hutchinson, Dave Smart, Dave Marchant, Rhys Dear, Lauren Chinn, Greg Allain, Jannine Aston, Brian Easterbrook; Soprano Cornet: Paul Duffy; Flugel Horn: Chris Lewis; Tenor Horns: Phil Randell, Paul Street & Rosie Randell; Euhponiums: Grant Jameson & Matthew Fletcher; Baritones: Graham Lawrence & Kevin Woods; Trombones: Scott Stewart, Martin Dean, Remus Sawyerr; Basses: Ian Frost, Benoit Meurin, Jim Slade, Pat Brady; Percussion: Paul Williams, Paul Johnson, Kate Johnson, Lawrence Wareham, James Foster, Nicky Reid