The band’s new CD Fraternity is now available.  It contains a performance of the band playing the winning test piece ‘Fraternity’ by Thierry Deleruyelle.  This work is based on a coal mining disaster which took place in northern France in 1906 where more than a thousand miners died. Deleruyelle’s music pays homage to mining communities all over the world and the special camaraderie usually found within their workers and families alike.

The CD celebrates the ‘fraternity’ of The Woodfalls Band, its links with the local area and its musicians both past and present.  The Band musically explores the possibility that we are a musical family, a fellowship and a fraternity of friends.  The disc features its soloists and band members playing music mainly associated with kinship, comradery and actions that contribute to those words.

The music is varied ranging from old standards to modern and exciting new compositions for brass bands.  The Woodfalls Band offers you all this music and hopes that maybe you will become part of our Fraternity in the future.

The CD is available through the website (click here) and will be on sale at our Christmas concerts and future 2020 engagements.