1995 – New Uniforms

1995 – This picture is of the band in their new uniforms and some new instruments purchased with a grant of £17,500 from The Foundation for Sports and the Arts.

Personnel: Back Row: Andy Bradbury, Alan Dunford, Kevin Hannam, Steve Topp, Dave Renshaw, Martin Easterbrook, Mark Pye, Martin Prince, Tony Pitt, Dave Betts, Steve Hill, & Brian (Sam) Easterbrook. Middle Row: Sue Towson, Sherrille Farris, Mike Pipe, Trish Chilslett, Sue Topp, Hayley Bond, Remus Sawyerr, Kevin Riley, Ian Bugden, Fred Barter, & Keith Green. Front Row: Ray Hunt, Chris Cosens, Lawrence Butchart, Melvin White, Bob Morris, Dave Hayward, Tom Gommersal, John Hayes & Dave Polley.